About this blog

I am a husband, father, mechanical designer and desert rat, exploring the world through photography, hiking, river running and backpacking.

Unlike most blogs, this one really doesn’t have a rug that ties the room together. As its name implies, it simply captures our movements through the sands of time here in a very dry corner of the continent.

We have been hanging out in this venerable desert, this most amazing of rock gardens for nearly thirty-five years now. Our travels have taken us out to Organ Pipe, through the Painted Desert, into Havasu, Salt Creek and Grand Canyon. We have camped in high, windy saddles; on lava flows; by perennial streams; in the middle of prairies ringed by bugling elk; and every place in between. We have spent many, many happy hours in Aravaipa Canyon. Lately, I have spent many happy days floating rivers through Desolation and Gray Canyons, in Grand Canyon, and on the San Juan River in Utah. This exploration has revealed a landscape that is at once daunting and alluring. More than three decades in, we are still enthralled.

I am highly interested in the point at which humanity and technology converge. Humans have metabolically untenable brains. We use it to build tools to make life overall more metabolically tenable. Will this technology sustain us or destroy us? A fascinating question, and one that demands our attention.

So, maybe those are my themes. Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy scurrying along with me.


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