About Work

I am a mechanical designer and all-around geek with a passion for innovative thinking and more experience than you can shake a stick at. If it’s been done with metal, I’ve done it. If the design requires a little wiring, a little plumbing, a little coding, a few plastic parts or a little testing, I’ve done that too. I have documented my designs with paper & pencil all the way through current solid modeling software. My responsibilities have ranged from designing single parts all the way up to project management. With patents and publications under my belt, I have proven abilities both creatively and in communication. And, yes, although I am a geek, my broad-ranging interests, artistic bent and buffered personality let me work easily in multi-discipline teams.

Patent for air diffuser with adjustable pattern controller blades
Patent for air diffuser having field changeable air control blades
Patent for air diffuser having improved bridges for supporting air control blades
My ASHRAE Journal article: Air Motion Control in the Hospital Operating Room
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