About Me

I believe that if money is being made and no work is being done, you should ask why; that tools and land are the only things worth owning; that working with your hands and working with your head are equally valid endeavors; that Beethoven, Van Gogh and Tesla were a little insane and that the world needs a little more insanity.

I believe that fundamentalists of all stripes are missing the point; that fish need bicycles after all (and I am not quoting Irina Dunn); that being human is something to live up to, not an excuse; that humans are physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual: ignore this to your detriment.

I believe that there is nothing on this planet more beautiful, and nothing more worth being frustrated by, than a woman; that serendipity trumps a Disneyland ride any day; that love never fails; that Glen Canyon Dam will fail. I believe in the Doctrine of Unexpected Results: don’t fuck with things you don’t understand.

I believe the orthodoxies of catechisms and colleges to be equally inert; that the answers we’ve come up with so far are wrong; that reptiles were here before us and have a better chance of being here after. I believe in Newtonian physics.

I believe that language is tied to our very existence. And on that note, I believe that Red Dirt Girl is the best song ever written.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Do you mind if I just copy this and use it as my “About Me?” 😉 I agree with EVERY ONE OF THESE THINGS, (except with the “don’t fuck with things that you don’t understand” because it seems to assume that you can understand anything. I think you should try as hard as you can to visualize the impact of your actions and make small changes first.

    – Jamie

  2. Hi, Jamie. Humans definitely suffer the paradox of being innate tinkerers who are too compartmentalized to understand, on a truly cosmic level, the results of our tinkering. So I offer The Doctrine of Unexpected Results as a warning that having the technology to drain the swamp, and the wisdom to understand the effect, don’t go hand in hand. Thanks for your comment. I’ll make The Doctrine the subject of a post here one day.

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