So Long For Now

I woke up this morning knowing it is time to bring this blog to a close. I began it as an attempt to try long form writing. Or, at least, long form as such things are on the Internet. But I don’t have time to write it. And you don’t have time to read it.

I toyed with the idea of shorter posts. Tid bits. Free association stuff. But then I sat down to write my usual seasonal post. You know the stuff: cold starry nights, Christmas lights, perihelion, glowing descriptions of the wonderful ways wonderful people touched my life this year. But it all felt pretty hollow. That’s when I realized I probably shouldn’t be a writer.

I mean, yeah, I get writing from a structural standpoint. Short punchy sentences. Active verbs. Vivid adjectives. Themes. Structure. Focused story line. All the claptrap. What I don’t get is making the emotional connection.

It’s time to wrap it up then. I’m going to write this post without getting out of bed. Then it’s time to align my chakra, or find the center of my wheel, or regenerate, or whatever it takes to make whatever comes out of my heart come out through the keyboard. And then perhaps I’ll report back with with some much needed brevity.

I thank all of you who have been kind enough to read Lizard Tracks all of these years. Onward and upward my friends.


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